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Replacement Bars for Captive Bar Rings

Replacement Bars for Captive Bar Rings


Quick Overview

Replacement stainless steel bar segments for Body Circle Designs' stainless steel Captive Bar Rings.
Replace that pesky lost bead. Or get some extras just in case.
No matter what size ring you have the standard bar length is always 1/4". Just tell us what gauge your ring is and we'll send you a bar that should fit just fine.
Trouble installing the bar? Try our Ring Opening Pliers.

Note: these beads will fit the indicated ring sizes for Body Circle jewelry.
If your ring isn't Body Circle, we can't know what size you will need.

If you need to adjust your ring to fit the bead, we sell tools for that here.

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Replacement Stainless Steel Bars for Captive Bar Rings.

Additional Information

Material 316LVM implant grade stainless steel - APP recommended material
Country of Manufacture All our jewelry is handmade by Body Circle Designs in the USA (Seattle, WA).
Finish All our jewelry is hand polished to a flawless mirror finish. No other jewelry compares.