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About Body Circle Designs

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality American made body piercing jewelry at a competitive price along with fast, individualized, friendly service. In developing innovative designs and perfecting our classic styles, we strive to maintain the quality and attention to detail on which we have built our reputation.

Gale doing a mere two things at once. Or, as she calls it, "vacation" Polishing the jewelryScott filingScott making Captive Bar Rings


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Our History

Body Circle Designs was founded in 1991 by Tom Finch and Gale Shub, making simple, high-quality, hand-crafted body jewelry for piercers in the Seattle area. The focus was on using only the highest quality surgical steel, simple but beautiful design, and hand-polishing each piece to a flawless mirror finish. Cheap piercing jewelry, poorly made caused too many problems, such as rejection. But quality jewelry was hard to find back then. By working with skilled and experienced piercers such as Fakir, Al D Sowers and Elayne Angel, we perfected the classic styles of body piercing jewelry and developed many new and innovative designs.

By 1992, word had spread of the quality of Tom’s creations and soon we were selling in all 50 states. As body piercing rose from a cottage industry to a mainstream phenomenon in the early 90’s, Body Circle expanded to meet the increasing demand for quality, American made jewelry. Our expansion brought us to build a new shop in Tukwila, WA in 1993, where we hired two talented young people: Jason, a skilled machinist and Scott, an artist and craftsman. Both apprenticed under Tom Finch and learned the exacting quality and craftsmanship on which we had built our reputation. We soon produced our first printed catalog, followed shortly by a retail website. These new marketing tools allowed us to reach an even broader audience and expand our line of hand-crafted goods.

Decades later, Gale is still the heart and brains of the business and Jason and Scott are still the core of the jewelry manufacturing. Our products sell on four continents and too many countries to count. Yet we still make all the jewelry we sell, refusing to compromise quality to make a quick buck. Tom passed away a few years back but we’re sure he would be proud of the company we’ve become. Our mission is still the same simple ethos on which he founded Body Circle over twenty years ago: hand-crafted jewelry, flawless mirror finish.

Tom Finch, Founder, Body Circle Designs

Tom Finch, Founder, Body Circle Designs