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Body Circle Designs
New Products - Body Circle Designs Body Piercing Jewelry
New Body Piercing Jewelry by Body Circle Designs
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Screw Ball
Rings Screw Ball Rings

Our design allows for a tighter fit and minimal ball gap.

The look of a ring, the convenience of a barbell.

Weight Rings

Like the Screw Ball Ring with one big difference:
a huge 1" steel ball.

Great for gauging up or just hanging around.

Piercing Discs
NoPull Piercing Discs - Helps Piercings Heal Faster and Better
Helps labret and other oral piercings heal better, faster, and with less scarring.
Large and XL
Ring Openers
Large and Extra Large Ring Opening Pliers
Now handle rings up to 0ga with our new, heavy duty Large and XL Ring Opening Pliers
Shackle & Lock
Cuffs & Collars
Shackle & Lock Cuffs and Collars
New Style Cuffs and Collars for you to play with.
Each comes with a Shackle AND a Lock. Yay!
Replacement Balls
Replacement Balls for Screwball adn Weight Rings
For Screwball and Weight Rings
Stirrup Barbells
Stirrup Barbells
Mainly for nipples. The stirrup part hangs freely.
What will you attach to yours?
Piercing Aftercare Products
Take care of your piercings with H2Ocean brand aftercare products. Available in a spray and a mouth rinse. All natural ingredients.
Industrial Barbells
Stainless steel barbells over one inch long. For multiple ear piercings or for unusually long piercings like an ampallang or apadravya.
Large Gauge Jewelry
Large Gauge Jewelry
We offer several new styles of large gauge jewelry. If bigger really is better, take a shot at being the best. Click here to see all our big gauge jewelry.
New Plugs
Now available in three styles, Bullet, Dome and Flat Plugs up to 00ga.
Big Hoochie Hoops
Up to 2 1/2 inches!
We offer several styles of big hoops. Click here to see them all.
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Curved Barbell and Disk Back Barbell
Curved Barbell with Titanium Half-Balls
Large Gauge Barbell 00ga
Disk Back Barbell with Spike End
Surface Barbells
Surface Barbells with Spike Ends

Industrial Barbells with Titanium Balls




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