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Body Circle Designs

Beads for Captive Rings | Body Circle Designs Piercing Jewelry
Replacement Beads for Rings
Implant grade stainless steel beads, semi-precious stones, set gem beads,
14k gold, titanium, and rubber (nitrile) beads for all kinds of captive bead rings.

Body Piercing Jewelry by Body Circle Designs
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Stainless Steel Beads for Rings
Stainless Steel Beads
Genuine Stone Beads for Rings
Genuine Stone Beads
Set Gem Beads for Rings
Set Gem Beads
Gold Beads for Rings
14k Gold Beads and
Bar Segments
Titanium Beads for Rings
Titanium Beads
Dimpled Barbell Ball Beads for Rings
Dimpled Barbell Ball
Beads for Ball and Socket Rings
Ball and Socket Ring
Balls for Large Diameter Ball & Socket Rings
Large Diameter
Ball and Socket
Beads for Captive Bar Segment Rings
Bar Segment Ring
Beads for Captive Bar Segment Rings
Replacement Balls for
Screwball Rings and
Weight Rings
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Round Tip and Flat Tip Captive Bead Rings
D-ring with Set Gem Bead
Captive Barbell Ring


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